Womxn Act on Seattle

Womxn Act on Seattle is a three-part citywide day of action, voter registration, and giving to honor and celebrate the anniversary of the Womxn’s March on Seattle.  Below, you will find information about the three parts of the event on January 21:

  • Day of Action – this event aims to center the voices of vulnerable communities through more than 100 teach-ins, trainings, workshops, lectures, panels, and more and includes representation from 90 local and national organizations.  Go here to see locations for the nine central Hubs and dozens of stand-alone events.
  • Food Lifeline – each hub and participating business is collecting food, clothing, toys and other essentials for a variety of charities.  To learn more, go here.
  • Power to the Polls – this is a massive voter registration partnership with Indivisible Seattle, Eastside Indivisible, and the League of Women Voters.  To learn more, go here.

For a complete list of participating organizations, go here (denoted with the # symbol).

Join the Seattle Womxn Marching Forward Facebook Group for the most recent event updates.  To read the official announcement for Womxn Act on Seattle go here.

Womxn Act on Seattle: Day of Action

Womxn Act Logo

Read the press release, sign up to volunteer and donate to the Day of Action.

Click on the pins on the map below for HUB programming information (red pins), and for all the stand-alone locations hosting Womxn Act on Seattle events throughout the greater Seattle area (blue pins).  For a list of the entire program and schedule, go here.

Neighborhood HUBS

Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline graphic

Seattle Womxn Marching Forward is honored to partner with Food Lifeline for Womxn Act on Seattle. Please consult the following list and bring items to one of the nine neighborhood hubs by 5 p.m. on January 21.

Canned tuna/salmon Macaroni and cheese
Beef stew/chili Sauces and spices
Peanut butter/nuts Canned fruits and vegetables
Beans/legumes Breakfast cereal
Rice/pasta Oatmeal
Baby food Infant formula
Diapers Personal care items

Power to the Polls

Power to the Polls

On the anniversary of the Womxn’s March on Seattle, we are overjoyed to be partnering with two more amazing grassroots groups that has been doing tireless work this year: Seattle Indivisible, and Indivisible Eastside. Together, we will host one of the state’s largest single-day regional voter registration and mobilization efforts in history, all across the state of Washington.

2018 is a pivotal year for midterm elections. We have the opportunity to support and elect record numbers of womxn and POC to our state and national governments. The last elections saw just 37% turnout rate. We must all get engaged and stay engaged. 

Contact us if you are interested in hosting a voter registration event at your church, restaurant, office, or community center.  To volunteer for Power to the Polls, go here.